North American Menopause Society Makes New Hormonal Discovery

Groundbreaking Research Reveals Simple Breakfast Ritual to Tame Menopausal "Chaos" Hormone

Thousands of Women Report Remarkable Results, Shedding Stubborn Fat and Enjoying Blissful Menopause

Andrea Taylor - CPT, CNSC
For women grappling with the challenging symptoms of menopause, including unexplained weight gain, hot flashes, brain fog, poor sleep, and mood swings, a groundbreaking discovery offers newfound hope. Recent research published in the Journal of the North American Menopause Society has pinpointed a single root factor behind nearly every major menopausal symptom, including the notorious "menopause belly."
Contrary to popular beliefs instigated by medical professionals and mainstream media, it's not declining estrogen or progesterone that is the culprit. Instead, researchers have identified a "Chaos Hormone" that surges dramatically through the bloodstream as women approach menopause.
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This revelation has led to the development of a simple breakfast ritual that effectively neutralizes this Chaos Hormone, offering a glimmer of hope for those enduring the menopause rollercoaster.
For one woman, Helen, this ritual has been transformative, resulting in a remarkable 49-pound weight loss, the dissolution of her menopause belly, and a return to her pre-menopausal self. But Helen is not alone in experiencing these astonishing results. 

Thousands of women across the country who have discovered this ritual are now enjoying similar, life-changing outcomes.

-Helen Shaw shares incredible journey online, advocates for all women 50+ to follow morning ritual. 

The 20-second breakfast ritual has liberated women who were trapped on the menopause rollercoaster for years, and even decades. Now, they are reveling in the bliss of menopause, a stark contrast to their prior struggles.

These women went from reportedly suffering from constant hot flashes daily, to experiencing none at all. They now report consistent restful sleep, uninterrupted nights of comfort, and waking up with significantly more energy.

Furthermore, these women are relishing thicker, glossier hair, stronger nails, younger-looking skin, agile joints, smoother digestion, heightened libido, and increased respect at work. Their relationships with partners, children, and grandchildren have deepened, leading to more meaningful moments.

Watch the full report and learn how you can shed up to 30 lbs of stubborn belly fat starting in just days.

As experts confirm through mounting research, the erratic behavior of this hormone lies at the heart of the debilitating symptoms experienced by menopausal women today. This discovery promises to provide much-needed clarity on why conventional approaches such as dietary changes, exercise, supplements, and hormone replacement therapy have yielded mixed results in managing menopause-related issues.

This revelation brings renewed hope to millions of women navigating the challenges of menopause, as it points towards potential breakthroughs in treatments and therapies tailored to address the underlying hormonal chaos. Further research in this area is anticipated to pave the way for more precise and effective solutions to alleviate menopause-related discomfort and improve the quality of life for women during this transitional phase.

For those considering menopause management strategies, it is advisable to suspend any plans momentarily. What follows is a revelation of critical importance:

  •  The Meno-Belly Mystery: Unraveling the enigma of the dreaded "meno-belly" with a straightforward technique that has demonstrated the ability to rapidly dissolve 30 pounds of stubborn belly fat. 
  • Backyard Wonder Herb: An herb that could be growing in your own backyard right now, backed by studies showing its remarkable potential to practically eliminate hot flashes. 
  • Blossoming Transformation: Insights into a flowering plant that, according to a study published in the Journal of the International Menopause Society, led to a "remarkable difference" in alleviating 11 major menopause-related complaints. 
  • The "Unhealthy" Drink: A vital revelation about the one "healthy" drink that every menopausal woman MUST avoid due to its role in exacerbating issues such as increased belly fat and intensified hot flashes.

Moreover, the focus will shift to the identification of the insidious "Chaos Hormone," a pivotal element that emerges within your bloodstream simultaneously with the onset of menopause. Research underscores its role in not only accelerating hormonal decline but also inducing volatile fluctuations, akin to a rollercoaster ride, which traps women in the throes of menopausal misery.

This natural approach to managing menopause, backed by Ivy League research and harnessed from the depths of nature, may offer renewed hope to countless women seeking relief from the challenging symptoms of this life transition. It represents a potential paradigm shift in how menopause is addressed, emphasizing holistic and natural remedies over conventional pharmaceutical interventions.

Andrea Taylor - CPT, CNSC